The Leak: Ironic or Timely

Is it ironic or timely that the massive news bombshell of a leaked Supreme Court decision hit just before Mother’s Day? Just as were getting ready to celebrate motherhood, we are jolted again by the horror of abortion. What a sad contradiction in terms: motherhood and abortion.

Yes, there have been past leaks of Supreme Court opinions. But this is a first, a complete 100-page manuscript. If this is the Court’s decision, then the Constitution is honored and law-making is sent back to law makers.

“Then Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, gave this order to the Hebrew midwives… ‘When you help the Hebrew women as they give birth, watch as they deliver. If the baby is a boy, kill him; if it is a girl, let her live.’ But because the midwives feared God, they refused to obey the king’s orders.” (Exodus 1:15-17)

They “feared God.” An awesome reverence for Creator led to defying the king’s order. They feared God, but if God does not exist and the near-sacred theory of evolution is true, then we are on earth by chance, no morals really exist, and we can kill as we choose with no consequences.

How can we condone the ending of an innocent child’s life who cannot even speak for themselves? Regardless of how loud, visceral, or full of rage the public gets about this issue, its wrong. Our Creator God has declared life to be sacred.

It’s hard to imagine 63,000,000 heinous abortions performed since 1973. That makes the German Holocaust look small in comparison. When a society stops fearing God, then He will gradually lift His hand of protective grace. The result will be like the fall of the old Roman empire as they condoned and committed similar immoral acts.

We live in a broken world because of our sin. More sins like abortion and sexual immorality, only make the world more broken. It fixes nothing. But God loves us, sent His Son, Jesus, to die to pay the penalty for all our sins. God declares, “If you will confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9). Please believe and confess God loves us, Jesus is Lord, Jesus is alive, the Bible is true, and life is sacred.

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