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Boats are to Stay on the Water

Boats are to Stay on the Water

Lake DeGray is a beautiful place to camp. My wife and I recently spent five days at an Alpine Landing campsite with four of our grandkids. It was both fun and challenging. We used the boat to sling the kids around on one of those big blow-up towable tube things. They loved it. I grew up playing in ski boats, canoes, kayaks, and flat-bottom boats. Boats are designed to be in the water and on the water but not in the water. Boats that get full of water sink to the bottom.

I believe in the death of Jesus and His resurrection to provide salvation as a gift by faith. Once this gift is received as Jesus prescribed, then we are to live for Him for the few years we have in this world. We believers in Jesus as Lord are to be in this world but not of it. Like a boat that is in the water but not full of the water.

In order to rise above the noise, untruth, wrong, and things of this world, we believers must not be full of this world and its lies, sinful attitudes, and rebellious actions. “The attitude that come from selfishness leads to death, but the attitude that comes from the Spirit leads to life and peace” (Romans 8:6 CEB).

“Your attitude determines your altitude” is often quoted. The attitude in Romans 8:6 is a mindset or the way you consistently think. The attitude of selfishness is the word “flesh,” which refers to the sinful nature that is in every human being. But believers have a new attitude or mindset that is to control how we think and act. The new mind is the mind of the Holy Spirit God places in each believer.

So, while we are in the water of this world, the water of this world is not to be in us. Rather we are to navigate wisely through this world, without this world navigating in us. We are to have a new mindset of the Spirit that leads to life and peace. This world is bent on the death and conflict. Choose Christ as your Lord and be full of life and peace. Don’t sink to the bottom.

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