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A New Schedule begins July 7 at Balboa Baptist

Exciting and challenging describe what’s happening at Balboa Baptist Church. Since Covid the Balboa congregation has grown from 600 to 800 members. Worship attendance increased from 309 to 520. Bible Class participation grew from 291 to 445.

Boats are to Stay on the Water

Lake DeGray is a beautiful place to camp. My wife and I recently spent five days at an Alpine Landing campsite with four of our grandkids. It was both fun and challenging. We used the boat to sling the kids around on one of those big blow-up towable tube things. They loved it. I grew up playing in ski boats, canoes, kayaks, and flat-bottom boats. Boats are designed to be in the water and on the water but not in the water. Boats that get full of water sink to the bottom.

Flashlights Keep You from Stumbling

The light on a smart phone enables me to have a flashlight with me. It sure comes in handy. Stumbling in the dark is not my favorite thing to do. So I turn on a light.

Getting Called Out

Maybe you were called out by a bully who wanted to meet you after school for a fight. Or you have were called out at a banquet to receive an award for an achievement. Or it could have been you were called out by your boss to lead a project. When my mom had dinner ready we were called out to wash up and come eat. When I have been wrong, I have been called out for my behavior by someone who really cared about me.