Our History

Balboa Baptist began as an 18-member mission of Barcelona Road Baptist Church in 1991. The church moved to its present location in 1995, and in November 2005, 90 members were sent out to birth a mission church, Coronado Baptist.

We began construction of our Outreach Center in August 2015 and completed it in January 2018. This added approximately 24,000 square feet holding extra classrooms, a beautiful gym/activities room, and kitchen complex in which to praise, learn, play, exercise, and fellowship. The Outreach Center also allowed us to add a Contemporary Service. All of these additions have allowed us to have a significant impact on our community. We continue to be blessed by the Lord’s plans for us and our future.

Covid has disrupted our lives. Fellowship, in the true Christian sense (koinonia), has been challenged by a world telling us to stop meeting and social distance. But Covid is losing its punch. It is still very contagious but getting weaker. Despite this interruption in our lives, 235 people joined Balboa in the past 36 months; 100 in 2021 alone!

Many who have visited say Balboa is the friendliest church in Hot Springs Village. Let’s continue to live up to it! We sincerely hope you will be part of building the future of Balboa Baptist Church.